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Pregnancy Accommodations: Your Rights Under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

We don’t have the power to change the systems for you (yet), but we do have the power to give you a bit of a roadmap in case you need a little bit of help. This guide provides support and solutions at work for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

$79.00 (Reg. $100)

Your Pumping Rights at Work

It takes tremendous grit, determination, and a sprinkle of luck to be a pumping mama. And as if pumping weren't hard enough, we are throwing work into the mix.

This comprehensive guide was created to teach YOU about your pumping rights under the PUMP Act, so you can keep pumping that liquid gold at work.

$39.00 (Reg. $60)

Ready-to-Use Email Template for Requesting PWFA Accommodations at Work 

Use the power of your rights under the NEW Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) to request pregnancy or postpartum accommodations at work.

$0.00 (Reg. $27.00 USD)

Ready-to-Use Email Template for Requesting Pump Breaks

This attorney-drafted template will allow you to use the power of your rights to protect that liquid gold.

$0.00 (Reg. $27.00 USD)

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